Camp Fire Griddles, Tripods, Barbecue's, Fire Pits, BBQ Cooking, Roasting spits. Bushcraft Kit.  Handforged in Cheshire


As a result of our own love of cooking outdoors, we are making an increasing range of cook fire equipment. Griddle/grill plates        available in 365, 460 or 525mm (pictured right) diameters.   Tripods are hot forged from 12mm square steel bar,making them far more robust than often available 10mm round bar items. A large loop safely secures two tightly forged loops to aid stability and avoids the tripod collapsing in use, as is a risk with some alternative designs. Each leg has a twist for decoration. The adjustable chain features two forged hooks with scroll ends   


This is our small 365mm griddle (left) suspended from the 1400mm tripod. A  round charcoal tray (right) allows for use at home, or at campsites,festivals etc that don't allow fires. Each item can be bought individually if required.      Current prices HERE