Unique Iron Fire Pit Braziers, Fire Dish, Handmade by Cheshire Blacksmith


 The fire dish is approx 80cm in diameter, the tripod, which is easily detached from the dish, stands 135cm high The folded fire basin & tripod is available to order for £195 plus P&P at cost £38.  Please email or phone for further details


 Tripod mounted wrought iron fire pit. Well made from rugged steel, the brazier is portable and can be folded down and stored away when not in use. The main basin is forged and formed from 4mm steel plate into a free form fluted bowl. Each one is handmade and unique.

All tripods are made with decorative twists

 Fire Bowl Patio Heater

 Shown below, is the portable fire pit    with the optional 460mm griddle plate,  allowing it to be used as a barbecue. The chain and hooks allow easy cooking  height adjustment. Either fire embers or charcoal can be used for cooking.