Pricing For Fire Pits & Cook Fire Equipment.                                  


Wrought Iron Fire Pit Dish (approx 800mm dia) & Tripod (16mm square steel) with natural burnished steel finish: £195.00                       Packing & carriage: £32.00


As above but also including optional 460mm cooking     griddle & hanging chain:  £265.00



   Iron tripod ,12mm Square steel with twists:  £59.00  

            Adjustable chain with forged hooks:       £18.00

  Round  grill/griddle plate, 365 & 460mm:        £55.00 

                          525mm grill/griddle plate :       £65.00

                                 Triangular charcoal tray:    £45.00    

                                     Round charcoal tray:       £55.00

  Wrought iron roasting spit : One spit, two ground stakes       & one pair of food holding skewers-    £185.00
  Roasting spit with optional bbq grill:           £245.00